A lot of kids now are not commonly seen outside the house to play or to go to park. Most of them are just inside their house making themselves more comfortable by playing computer games or even cell phone games. In this matter, they are having a hard time inhaling the fresh air that most of the people should have and be breathe in. It is the same thing with having a good sunlight, it will help us to keep stronger and even feel better. There could be a lot of benefits that we can enumerate in smelling and breathing the fresh air in our environment. Still, it would depend to the place that you are living with. Not all the cities now are having a good surrounding for kids to play and enjoy their childhood. Most of the parents are more worried for the air and pollution that their kids can have. The company HVAC Angier recommended that people should not rely to the air conditioner alone as putting too much time and consumption to the body will not be very healthy.

  1. Breathing a clean air would be very beneficial to your digestion and digestive part of the body. Remember that our body needs oxygen for us to breathe properly. By inhaling a fresh and good air would give and help the digestive system to function well. It will help to make your food digestion even better.
  2. It will replace all the smoke that you inhaled from the cigarettes or pollution. By doing this one, it will give you the benefits of replacing the dirty air you have in your body with a new one. It gives you a healthier body. Nowadays, it is very hard to find a place that is not polluted anymore. No matter where you go now, you will see a lot of people burning plastics everywhere. Even kids now are smoking also which is very alarming.
  3. It is a good way to make your whole system in the body healthy. Not only digestive system but as well as your immune system. So, going out more and have fun activities outside will give the an exercise activity and even letting you feel the fresh air around you and the most important one as well it that you can get the vitamins coming from the sun.
  4. You can do many things outside in order for you to feel good while having a cooler wind around your body. You could definitely go to the park with your friends and spend some time there having a good conversation or even talking to your colleagues about other matters. You may talk a walk downtown and have it. Or even go running with some of your close friends. You are not only making your body more energetic but it can give you the stamina and strength.
  5. It can clear your mind from worries and help you to concentrate more on your focus.


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